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What act was put in place due to the Boston Tea Party?
a) Intolerable Act
b) Townshend Act
c) Stamp Act
d) Quartering Act

What group was organized to keep the colonists informed of British actions?
a) Committee of Correspondence
b) 1st Continental Congress
c) Sons of Liberty
d) 2nd Continental Congress

What act taxed most items on paper?
a) Stamp Act
b) Sugar Act
c) Quartering Act
d) Intolerable Act

What was the name given to colonists who were against King George III's rule?
a) patriot
b) loyalist
c) neutral
d) tory

Who rode out with Paul Revere to warn colonists that the British were coming?
a) William Dawes
b) Dr. Joseph Warren
c) William Prescott
d) Samuel Adams

Who was the king of England during the American Revolution?
a) King George III
b) King George II
c) King James III
d) King Charles

What battle actually took place on Breed's Hill?
a) Bunker Hill
b) Trenton
c) Lexington and Concord
d) Boston

What are ordinary people who volunteer and train for battle?
a) militia
b) commander
c) redcoat
d) ally

What word means to import goods illegally?
a) smuggling
b) boycott
c) tax
d) petition

Who were the militia who were trained to be ready very quickly for battle?
a) minutemen
b) congress
c) rangers
d) redcoats

What is the name given to a group of representatives who meet to discuss a subject?
a) congress
b) militia
c) delegate
d) commander

Who is a person chosen to speak and act for others?
a) delegate
b) ally
c) proclamation
d) militia

What document officially ended the French Indian War?
a) Treaty of Paris
b) Olive Branch Petition
c) Declaration of Independence
d) American Crisis

What do you call a fight against a government?
a) rebellion
b) tax
c) petition
d) proclamation

What happened in Boston Harbor when the Sons of Liberty dressed as Mohawk Indians?
a) Boston Tea Party
b) Boston Massacre
c) Boston Marathon
d) Battle of Bunker Hill

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