Famous Things From Ancient India Question Preview (ID: 28958)

A Quick Review Of Important Vocab.

The effects good or bad actions have on a persons soul
a) Reincarnation
b) Karma
c) Fasting
d) Meditation

The man known as the Buddha came from this type of background
a) A wealthy high status background
b) A poor social group
c) His father was Buddhist monk
d) His father was a Hindu monk

The Harappans actually lived in this modern day country
a) India
b) Pakistan
c) Nepal
d) Bengladesh

Injecting people with a small dose of a virus or disease to help the body build up defenses to it
a) Enlightenment
b) Inoculation
c) Fasting
d) Samsara

A hole dug into the ground to reach an underground supply of water
a) Still
b) Slum
c) Citadel
d) Well

A building that is usually built in an elevated location that is designed to protect people during battle
a) Samsara
b) Citadel
c) Well
d) Inocukation

What is the world's oldest religion that formed in India?
a) Buddhism
b) Hinduism
c) Sikhism
d) Jainism

The worlds first unicorn was made by what group from ancient India?
a) The Aryans
b) The Mauryans
c) The Harappans
d) The Guptas

Seasonal wind patterns that cause wet and dry seasons in India
a) Monsoons
b) Gail Force Winds
c) Typhoons
d) El Nino

When it comes to world population, where does India rank?
a) #1
b) #2
c) #3
d) #4

The name of our modern number system that was created during the Gupta Empire
a) Sanskrit
b) Metallurgy
c) Hindu-Arabic
d) Hindi

The important river of ancient India that the Harappans lived along
a) Ganges
b) Indus
c) Tiber
d) Varanasi

This is the name of the language that developed in ancient India
a) Sanskrit
b) Harappan Linear A script
c) Calligraphy
d) Arabic

This divided India into social groups based on birth, wealth, and occupation
a) Buddhism
b) The Vedas
c) The Caste System
d) Missionaries

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