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Can fish climb trees? It sounds like a fishy story, but mudskippers living in the swamps of Asia really can climb trees. After filling their gills with air and water, they climb onto land. Mudskippers use their front fins to move along the ground. Su
a) where mudskippers live
b) how they find their gills
c) how mudskippers can climb trees
d) where mudskippers have suckers

A scientist believes that millions of animals have died every 26 million years. He thinks that comets are responsible for those deaths. Comets would explode on impact as they slammed into Earth. Dust from the explosions blocked light and heat from th
a) how often animals died
b) why comets may come near Earth
c) where the dust comes from
d) about a possible cause of animal deaths in the past

Trousers are a recent style in the history of fashion. Men wore tights under short, loose pants until the early 1800s when the first real pants for men appeared. Until the 1940s few women wore long pants. During World War II, women factory workers st
a) that long pants are somewhat a new fashion
b) when men stopped wearing pants
c) who wore tights
d) why women don't wear trousers

The beaver's front teeth have a hard, bright orange covering. These teeth are used to cut and tear the bark off trees. The back teeth are flat and rough and are used for chewing. There are two flaps of skin between the front and back teeth. These fla
a) about the color of the front teeth
b) how the two flaps of the skin are used
c) about the specially designed mouth of the beaver
d) how splinters get into the beaver's mouth

Faberge, a jeweler, made eggs from rare mentals and jewels. A Russian emperor liked them so much that he often gave them away as gifts. The elaborate eggs are only a few inches high. Some have tiny clocks inside them. Others hold small pictures or to
a) what Faberge eggs are like
b) who bought and gave the eggs as gifts
c) what Faberge eggs have in them
d) how Faberge made the eggs

Doctors think that wearing red-tinted glasses can relieve sadness. Some people get very moody and sad in the winter. They may be affected by brief days. Bright lights help some people but not everyone. The reddish light coming through rose-colored gl
a) why people wear rose colored glasses
b) when some people get sad
c) how short the daylight in the winter is
d) how colored glasses may help people feel better

The peanut is a humble plant with hundreds of functions. Most peanuts are roasted in their shells and lightly salted. About half the peanuts eaten in the United States are ground into a thick paste called peanut butter. The rich oil made from peanuts
a) why peanut oil is used for frying
b) how much peanut butter is used in the United States
c) about the many uses of the peanut
d) why peanut shells make good fertilizer

Imagine testing glass by throwing chickens at it? Sometimes fast moving airplanes fly through flocks of birds. If the birds hit the windshield of a plane, the glass could shatter and cause a crash. Airplane manufacturers have made a chicken cannon th
a) why birds can be dangerous to airplanes
b) how a chick cannon tests glass
c) how big a bird has to be to damage an airplane
d) how the chicken cannon works

Computers have changed quite a bit through the years. An early model could add 18 million numbers per hour. One person would have needed many years to do the same job. A modern computer can add 1 1/2 trillion numbers in less than three hours.
a) who uses computers
b) how long one person takes to do a job
c) how computers have gotten faster over time
d) how fast modern computers can add

Garlic is one of the ingredients that makes pasta sauce taste so good. Now doctors think garlic has healing powers, too. Early tests show that it can kill harmful germs. Garlic also has been found to have a good effect on the blood. Doctors think it
a) how garlic can keep people healthy
b) what goes into pasta sauce
c) how garlic kills harmful bacteria
d) how garlic affects the blood

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