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What are the characteristics of an object?
a) properties
b) observations
c) lenses
d) magnifiers

All of the following can magnify EXCEPT:
a) window pane
b) telescope
c) camera lens
d) binoculars

What are two properties of a magnifier?
a) transparent and convex
b) up and down
c) opaque and round
d) flat and square

What is a piece of information that comes to you from your senses?
a) observation
b) multiplication
c) enumeration
d) magnification

What do we call tools that extend our sense of sight?
a) magnifiers
b) templates
c) slides
d) microbes

When an object appears ten times larger than it actually is, what is written on the magnifier?
a) 10x
b) 5x
c) x10
d) x10x

When using a magnifier, what is necessary for sight?
a) light
b) color
c) inference
d) density

What are the five properties you notice when observing an object?
a) color, hardness, odor, density, size/shape
b) color, hardness, odor, density, sameness
c) color, hardness, odor, depth, size/shape
d) color, happiness, odor, density, size/shape

Which of the following cannot magnify?
a) flat surface
b) black surface
c) colored surface
d) complex surface

Which of the following is able to magnify?
a) a clear sphere
b) a clear cylinder on the flat side
c) a red marble
d) a clear cube

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