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The force that resists the motion of objects due to contact between their surfaces is called ____ force.
a) inertial
b) frictional
c) normal
d) net

When you are seated in a chair, the force exerted on you by the chair is called the:
a) normal force
b) gravitational force
c) weight
d) mass

A dictionary whose mass is 1.0 kilograms lying on a stationary table exerts a force of 9.8 newtons on the table. The force exerted on the dictionary by the table is ____ newtons.
a) 1
b) 8.8
c) 9.8
d) 10.8

Sam pushes on a rock with 7 newtons of force toward west. Buck pushes on the rock with 8 newtons of force toward east. The rock rolls _____ with resultant force of ____ newton(s).
a) east, 1
b) east, 15
c) east,8
d) west, 7

A scalar is a quantity that can be completely described using:
a) direction only
b) magnitude only
c) both magnitude and direction
d) either magnitude or direction

Jade pulls on a sled with 3 newtons of force toward north. Lara pulls on the sled with 4 newtons of force toward east. The magnitude of the wagon’s resultant force is ____ newton(s).
a) 1
b) 5
c) 7
d) 25

Vector quantities include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) velocity
b) force
c) speed
d) acceleration

If a force vector acting in a northeast direction is resolved into its components, any vector acting in the north-south direction would be called a(n):
a) hypotenuse
b) x-component
c) y-component
d) resultant

A word meaning “size”often used to describe scalar quantities is
a) magma
b) magenta
c) vector
d) magnitude

A measured quantity that is described by stating a size and a direction is called a:
a) scalar
b) magnitude
c) vector
d) victim

Of the following, the statement about friction which is NOT true is:
a) friction can be useful
b) friction can be harmful
c) friction is always present
d) friction can be eliminated

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