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Example of a Human Resoure
a) Cashier
b) coal
c) minerals
d) mining equipment

Example of an entrepreneur
a) new mining equipment
b) miner
c) Alyashia owns a beauty shop
d) teacher

Example of a capital resource
a) coal
b) minerals
c) miner
d) mining equipment

example of a natural resource
a) miner
b) buildings
c) minerals
d) equipment

appoints the governor-general
a) queen
b) Prime Minister
c) Parliament
d) Ministry

elected by the citizens (people) to represent each state or territory
a) Ministry
b) Queen
c) Parliament
d) PRime Minister

gives advise to the governor-general
a) Parliament
b) Ministry
c) Prime Minister
d) Queen

Head of government )most power
a) Queen
b) Governor-General
c) Prime Minister
d) Parliament

commissions the PRime Minister
a) Governor-General
b) Ministry
c) Parliament
d) Queen

Elects the Prime Minister
a) Parliament
b) Citizens (people)
c) Governor-General
d) Queen

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