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Which describes Australia’s economic system
a) There are few rules for business, and laws are not always enforced.
b) Laws are not always enforced, and businesses have many rules to follow
c) There are few rules for business, and good laws protect property owners.
d) Laws are enforced but judges are easily bribed; the government controls all key businesses.

Which explains why businesses specialize?
a) they can sell more types of goods
b) they can produce goods at a slower pace
c) so workers will not become experts in their jobs
d) to increase productivity, producing more goods in less time

When Australia refused to sell weapons to Yugoslavia, it hoped to help stop the fighting there. This is an example of which trade barrier?
a) embargo
b) exchange
c) quota
d) tariff

A figurehead in Australia government
a) QUeen
b) Prime Minister
c) Governor-General
d) Parliament

An American who wanted to buy goods in Australia would need to trade U.S. dollars for which currency?
a) Euro
b) YEn
c) American Dollar
d) Australian Dollar

Which is an example of investment in human capital?
a) building schools, training workers
b) buildings, equipment
c) computers, disks
d) machines, paper

Which is a likely effect on GDP when a country invests in physical capital?
a) decreases
b) remains the same
c) no impact
d) increases

Which is a major natural resource exported from Australia?
a) peanuts
b) minerals
c) timber
d) soil

Which is a reason entrepreneurs like Australia?
a) Workers have low skills.
b) Courts protect property rights.
c) There is little money to invest.
d) There are many rules from the government.

Who were “the people who were here from the beginning” in Australia?
a) Prisoners
b) English
c) Aborigines
d) French

WHich group formed a large part of Australia’s first colonists?
a) Prisoners
b) army officers
c) traders
d) Chinese

What was the greatest threat to Aborigines after European settlers arrived?
a) guns
b) abandoned mines
c) wild animals
d) diseases

What body of water is located west of Australia?
a) Indian Ocean
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Pacific Ocean
d) Coral Sea

Which hunting weapon helped aboriginal peoples survive in the Australian outback?
a) Rifles
b) boomerang
c) javelin
d) cannon

Which war made the government of Great Britain look to Australia as a penal colony?
a) French and Indian War
b) Civil War
c) American Revolutionary War
d) WWI

What name did Captain James Cook gave to the colony of Australia?
a) Tasmania
b) Western Australia
c) New South Wales
d) Southern Australia

What was the Aborigine religion called?
a) Dreamtime
b) Sleeptime
c) Christianity
d) Islam

Who represents the queen in the Australian Government?
a) Governor-General
b) PRime Minister
c) Parliament
d) Ministry

What is a monolith?
a) Ancient animal
b) a large desert
c) a huge lake
d) a large tip of a massive underground rock

What is the name of the monolith in Australia?
a) Ayers Rock
b) Great Barrier Reef
c) Great Victoria Desert
d) Coral Sea

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