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When you ____________________ panes, you select which rows and/or columns of the worksheet remain visible on the screen as the rest of the worksheet scrolls.
a) freeze
b) split
c) hide
d) delete

____________________ copies a cell’s contents and/or formatting into an adjacent cell or range.
a) filling
b) drag and drop
c) copy and paste
d) ctrl+x

The default number format is _______________, which displays numbers the way you type them.
a) general
b) number
c) currency
d) accounting

When data with letters is arranged in alphabetical order (A to Z), from lowest to highest, its referred to as _____ order.
a) ascending
b) descending
c) sort
d) alphabetical

The ____________________ format displays numbers with a dollar sign, a thousands separator, and two decimal places.
a) currency
b) general
c) number
d) special

The location where the data will be used is the ____.
a) destination
b) source
c) origin
d) none of these

You can use the ________ dialog box to find a specific function.
a) Insert function
b) Insert equation
c) Insert formula
d) Insert

A _____ is a shorthand way to write an equation that performs a calculation.
a) function
b) formula
c) equation
d) number

To move to cell A1, press the ____________________.
a) Ctrl+Home
b) End
c) Home
d) Up Arrow

You can add emphasis to a cell by placing a(n) ____________________ (or line) around its edges. *
a) border
b) underline
c) frame
d) all of these

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