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What makes the southeastern coast an attractive place for Australians live?
a) the climate of a tropical rain forest
b) lack of humidity and low temperatures
c) mild summers, cool winters and moderate rainfall
d) wet, cool winters and dry, hot summers

Australia’s nearby location and rich natural resources make it a valuable trading partner for which country?
a) China
b) France
c) USA
d) Canada

Which are parts of Australian culture because of their settlement by the British?
a) English language and Christianity
b) English and Judaism
c) French and Christianity
d) French and Islam

Which is often an effect of a low literacy rate on the population of a country?
a) Greater wealth
b) Longer life expectancy
c) lower standard of living
d) more food

Which describes the government of Australia?
a) Federal
b) Unitary
c) Confederation
d) Presidential Democracy

Which explains why Australia has a monarch but is not an autocracy?
a) The monarch’s role is limited as head of state, not head of government.
b) The monarch chooses the prime minister who is then elected by the people.
c) Voters select the monarch who rules with absolute power for only five years.
d) The governor-general rules in place of the monarch due to the size of the empire.

In Australia’s government, who elects the prime minister?
a) citizens
b) Parliament
c) Governor-General
d) Monarch

Which describes the economic system of the Aborigines?
a) Mixed
b) Command
c) Market
d) Traditional

Which describes Australia’s economic system?
a) There are few rules for business, and laws are not always enforced.
b) Laws are not always enforced, and businesses have many rules to follow.
c) There are few rules for business, and good laws protect property owners.
d) Laws are enforced but judges are easily bribed; the government controls all key businesses.

What was the Aborigines religion called
a) Dreamtime
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Judaism

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