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What business made Alonzo Herndon a successful businessman?
a) Coca-Cola
b) Chick-fil-A
c) Atlanta Mutual Insurance Company
d) Delta Airlines

Who was the founder of the NAACP?
a) Booker T. Washington
b) W.E.B. Du Bois
c) John Hope
d) Lugenia Burns Hope

The immediate cause of the Atlanta riot in 1906 was ...
a) the killing of a black family.
b) African-Americans being denied the right to vote.
c) the election of Hoke Smith.
d) stories in the Atlanta Constitution about black violence against whites.

Booker T. Washington believed that racial equality would be achieved through
a) Vocational education
b) College education
c) racial equality
d) racial violence

The racial unrest brought about by the Leo Frank case resulted in the creation of a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, which called itself:
a) Knights of Columbus
b) Knights of Leo Frank
c) Knights of Stone Mountain
d) Knights of Mary Phagan

What political party tried to control elections through White Primaries?
a) Republican
b) Democratic
c) Populist
d) Libertarian

What did disenfranchisement mean?
a) to not allow to open a McDonald's
b) to free the slaves
c) to deny the right to vote
d) to give the right to vote

Tom Watson led which political party supported the small farmers?
a) Republican
b) Democratic
c) Populist
d) Libertarian

What became legal under Plessy V. Ferguson?
a) integration
b) the right to vote
c) segregation
d) disenfranchisement

Which amendment guaranteed the right to vote to all American males of age?
a) 13th
b) 14th
c) 15th
d) 16th

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