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Rebecca Latimer Felton was the first...
a) female governor
b) female president
c) female judge
d) female U.S. senator

Tom Watson's greatest accomplishment was ...
a) being asked to move to the Democratic Party
b) voting bill for women
c) the Rural Free Delivery
d) a bill to increase minimum

The Populist Party was the party of the ...
a) wealthy
b) small farmers
c) abolitionists
d) women

What Georgia Populist Party member called on farmers to unite to gain fair treatment from the government?
a) Hoke Smith
b) Henry Grady
c) Joseph Brown
d) Tom Watson

The county unit system affected voting and politics in Georgia by...
a) favoring urban areas.
b) giving only Atlanta the political power.
c) giving the rural areas the political power
d) helping African-Americans get more voting rights.

What was Henry Grady supporting when he supported the New South movement?
a) Northern investment in Southern industry
b) Movement of African-Americans to work in the North
c) Southern investment in Northern farms
d) Investment in the cotton farms

In what did the Bourbon Triumvirate believe?
a) improving working conditions
b) expansion of education for everyone
c) growth in the Southern economy
d) aid for the poor

Why did the term Bourbon Triumvirate fit Joseph Brown, Alfred Colquitt, and John Gordon?
a) They were known for being philanthropists, working to help the poor and needy.
b) They supported equal opportunities for all races and gender.
c) They believed that taxing the citizens would bring Georgia back economically.
d) They were political leaders drawn together by power and similar political goals.

What is the main purpose of the International Cotton Exposition?
a) Bring tourists to Atlanta
b) Show new inventions to farmers
c) Get ideas from other countries
d) Showcase the industries of the New South

Who created the term New South?
a) Alfred Colquitt
b) Henry Grady
c) Joseph Brown
d) John Gordon

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