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The Bay of Pigs was a failed attempt by the US to invade
a) Vietnam
b) Cuba
c) China
d) Tweety 's cage

In order to have enough troops to support the conflict in Vietnam, President Johnson started a(n)
a) incentive to enlist
b) cartoon campaign for recruiting headed by Tweety
c) federal program for families with servicemen/women
d) draft

A popular singer-songwriter in the 1960s who wrote several protest songs was
a) Jimi Hendrix
b) Tweety
c) Joan Baez
d) Bob Dylan

One of the forces for change in the 1960s was seeing violence against African Americans
a) with Tweety trying to fight off the police
b) live on television
c) being sent on instagram
d) in every city

North Vietnam was controlled by
a) the US
b) Communists
c) Nazis
d) Tweety

Congress never voted to declare war in
a) Korea
b) Tweety's struggle with the Puddy Tat
c) Afghanistan
d) Vietnam

The Great Society was a program started by
a) JFK
b) MLK, Jr
c) Tweety
d) LBJ

Agent Orange was a(n)
a) US spy caught in the USSR
b) chemical sprayed on the jungle (and people) in Vietnam
c) a villain on cartoons with Tweety
d) popular superhero character

Many protests in the 1960s were
a) copied by other protest groups throughout the world
b) violent
c) made fun of by Tweety
d) held in fields

The Gulf of Tonkin resolution was the act by Congress that allowed the US to get involved with military in
a) Korea
b) Germany
c) Tweety's cage
d) Vietnam

The election of 1960 saw the first
a) twitter feeds
b) electronic voting
c) televised debates
d) time Tweety endorsed a candidate

A group that tried to work for Native American rights in the 1960s was
a) NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples)
b) AIM (American Indian Movement)
c) AAR (All-American Rights)
d) TSI (Tweety Supports Indians)

Many Civil Rights leaders led
a) karaoke
b) protests
c) Tweety past Sylvester
d) pro-war demonstrations

President Kennedy's program to improve life for all Americans was called the
a) New Deal
b) Fair Deal
c) Tweety Twist
d) New Frontier

About 87% of homes in the 1960s had
a) Radios
b) TVs
c) Recording devices for video
d) Tweety posters

The type of food made possible by NASA through space exploration was
a) moon vegetables
b) Red Bull
c) Tweety Tators
d) rehydrated foods (just add water)

The TET offensive took place during
a) Christmas
b) New Years
c) a visit by the President
d) a Tweety cartoon

Women marched and demonstrated in the 1960s to gain
a) equal pay
b) equal opportunities
c) equal treatment in society and the workplace
d) all of these

Most of the fighting in Vietnam was
a) with tanks
b) ambush-style in the jungle
c) in the Pacific Ocean on islands
d) called Tweety and Sylvester because it was cat and mouse-style

As a part of the Cold War, the US and the USSR participated in a(n)
a) boycott
b) competitions between Tweety and Boris
c) space race
d) Olympic boxing challenge

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