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If I throw with my right hand, I should step with my _______ foot.
a) Left
b) Right
c) Both the Left and Right

When I hit the ball and make it to 3rd base it is called a _________
a) Single
b) Triple
c) Double
d) Home Run

If the batter has a 3 balls 2 strikes count, it is referred to as a _______________ count
a) Full Count
b) Half Count
c) No Count

Softball was introduced as an Olympic sport is this year? __________
a) 1996
b) 1997
c) 1990

What position is the “ONLY” position where a mask must be worn? ____________________
a) Pitcher
b) Center Field
c) Catcher

How many innings does a softball game consist of?
a) 9
b) 8
c) 7

What is it called when every player is placed in a certain order for batting?
a) Rotational Order
b) Batting Order
c) Organizational Order

This is when credit goes to the batter who hits a ball in such a way that they get out but it allows a runner to score?
a) Out
b) Sacrifice
c) Helping
d) Teamwork

The term the umpire or official calls when he determines the ball is dead and the players are not advancing to the next base?
a) Stoppage of Play
b) Time
c) Delay of Game

A play in which two players are consecutively put out?
a) Fair play
b) Double Play
c) Two outs

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