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During the main sequence stage, how is energy generated in a star's core?
a) Helium fuses with Oxygen
b) Hydrogen releases helium
c) Hydrogen fuses into helium
d) Helium releases Oxygen

Different colors are the result of
a) varying wave lengths of light
b) crayons
c) colored pencils
d) location of the sun

Doppler radar and satellite images provide information to create
a) a good speech for Joe Scnedecker
b) weather models
c) thunderstorms
d) warm summers

Continental polar, maritime polar, continental tropical, and maritime tropical are types of
a) oceans
b) stars
c) air masses
d) contour lines

The Coriolis effect provides evidence that
a) Earth rotates on its axis
b) Earth has a Moon
c) Earth has living creatures
d) There is oxygen available.

Convection, ridge push, and slab pull work together to produce
a) a hurricane
b) a tornado
c) tectonic plate motion
d) a flood

A contour interval is the
a) difference in elevation between one contour line and the next
b) sum of all of the lines
c) quotient of 2 of the lines
d) the product of all of the intervals

A constellation's change in position over seeral hours is caused by
a) Earth's rotation on its axis
b) Earth's revolution around the Sun
c) how many moons there are
d) if it is cloudy

A community of organisms and their biotic environment is called a
a) neighborhood
b) lake
c) river
d) ecosystem

Circumpolar stars in the Northern Hemisphere appear to circle
a) the Earth
b) Polaris
c) Aqarius
d) Leo

By understanding how natural forces affect the environment, Earth scientists can
a) take a vacation
b) better predict natural disasters
c) stop them
d) improve the conditions

The Big Bang occurred about
a) 8 Million Years Ago
b) 14 Billion Years ago
c) 6 hundred years ago
d) it never happened

By analyzing the light that a star emits, astronomers can determine
a) age of the star
b) name of the star
c) the composition and temperature of a star
d) distance

The early oceans became salty when
a) dissolved solids were carried from land into the oceans
b) a caveman threw salt into them
c) a volcano erupted
d) a continent dissolved

Each of Earth's standard time zones covers about
a) 25 *
b) 15*
c) 305 *
d) 0*

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