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Which two planets are similar in size, density, and internal structure?
a) Earth and Venus
b) Earth and Neptune
c) Earth and Mars
d) Mars and Venus

The Earth revolves around the Sun in what theory?
a) Heliocentric System
b) Geocentric System
c) Sun Centered Universe
d) Earth Centered Universe

Venus goes through phases similar to those of Earth’s moon helped prove what theory?
a) Heliocentric System
b) Geocentric System
c) Sun Centered System
d) Earth Centered System

One of Kepler's discoveries was what?
a) That each planet orbit in an ellipse
b) The each planet orbits in a circle
c) The each planet orbits
d) The each start orbits in an ellipse

A giant cloud of dust and gas is what scientists believe formed what?
a) The Solar System
b) Earth
c) Sun
d) Asteroid Belt

Planetestimals are that small asteroid-like bodies that are the building blocks of what?
a) Planets
b) Stars
c) Solar Systems
d) Space Clouds

Nuclear fusion is how what star produces energy?
a) The Sun
b) Sirius
c) Polaris
d) Leo

The corona is a type of solar wind that is electrically charged from what?
a) The Sun
b) The Earth
c) Venus
d) Mars

Which type of planets are larger than Earth and are made of hydrogen and helium?
a) Outer Planets
b) Inner Planets
c) Dwarf Planets
d) Moons

Which types of planets have small and rocky surfaces?
a) Inner Planets
b) Outer Planets
c) Dwarf Planets
d) Moons

Which planet's atmosphere is full of carbon dioxide?
a) Mars
b) Venus
c) Earth
d) Neptune

A meteoroid is what hits Earth's surface?
a) Meteorite
b) Asteroid
c) Comet
d) Cloud

In a geocentric model what is the center of the solar system?
a) Earth
b) Sun
c) Mars
d) Mercury

Gas giants have many what?
a) moons
b) atmospheres
c) rings
d) clouds

When talking about the sun, what varies over an 11 year period?
a) sunspots
b) atmosphere
c) radiation levels
d) rings

The Oort cloud is where what comes from?
a) comets
b) asteroids
c) meteoroids
d) space cloud

The photosphere is the surface layer of what?
a) The Sun
b) Earth
c) Venus
d) Jupiter

Which two planets rotate at different speeds, have different atmospheres, and are different distances from the sun?
a) Earth and Venus
b) Earth and Mars
c) Mars and Mercury
d) Mercury and Earth

Which scientists discovered that Venus completes all phases and discovered that the moon's of Jupiter revolve around Jupiter, which helped proved what theory?
a) Galileo; Heliocentric Theory
b) Netwon; Heliocentric Theory
c) Galileo; Geocentric Theory
d) Newton; Geocentric theory

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