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Work is defined as
a) energy spent to complete the task
b) a force used to move an object a certain distance
c) energy stored and late released

friction is best described as
a) a force that helps move objects
b) a force that works against motion

How can you determine the speed of a moving train?
a) divide the distance traveled by the time spent moving
b) multiply the velocity by the distance traveled
c) divide the time spent moving by the direction traveled

Settling and filtration are examples of
a) ways to seperate a solution
b) ways to seperate a mixture
c) methods used to return an alloy to its original metals

Which of the following is a true statement
a) 2 or more elements can physically combine to create a unique element
b) When elements join to form a compound they lose their original properties
c) compounds are made up of elements that exist in the same state as the resulting compound.

Which of the following take splace when a substance undergoes a chemical change?
a) a change of state
b) change of size
c) a change of matter

Which statement is false
a) a solution can never be seperated
b) an alloy always contains metal
c) the air people breathe is a solution of gasses

NOT a physical change
a) clay molded into a new shape
b) an iron nail rusts
c) paper cut into pieces

Light ____________, or bends when it travels through materials like glass.
a) retracts
b) refracts
c) radiates

The flow of electrical charges through a circuit is called __________________.
a) static electricity
b) mean electricity
c) current electricity

Water and clear plastic are both _____________.
a) transparent
b) insulators
c) accelerators

In a ______________ electricity can flow through more than one path
a) current electricity
b) parallel circuit
c) series circuit

A balloon can stick to a wall because of
a) radiation
b) current electricity
c) static electricity

An _____________ does NOT transfer heat
a) insulator
b) acid
c) parallel circuit

A _______ can seperate white light into bands of colored light.
a) rainbow
b) prism
c) insulator

When sound is reflected off a sufrace it is called a/ an
a) refraction
b) amplitude
c) echo

The amount of energy in a sound wave is called its _______________
a) amplitude
b) transparent
c) echo

Energy travels from the sun to the earth by
a) echo
b) radiation
c) evaporation

compound machine?
a) lever
b) pulley
c) scissors

Which of the following statements is false?
a) energy is the ability to do work
b) energy can be either potential or kinetic
c) energy cannot change from potential to kinetic

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