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A real-estate tycoon could be
a) a powerful executive
b) a successful deal
c) a successful person
d) a famous lawyer

if a person abhors violence, he...
a) fears other people
b) hates the actions of violence
c) expects violence at any moment
d) wants to be involved in violence

a quota of tickets would be:
a) an over abundance of tickets
b) a certain amount or allotment of tickets
c) a lack of tickets
d) to purchase tickets

a person with congeniality would demonstrate:
a) a pleasant personality
b) a respectful personality
c) a joyful personality
d) a funny personality

a jovial person would be
a) ruthless
b) popular
c) jolly
d) hateful

To be a cynical person would be
a) hopeful
b) scornful
c) frightened
d) inconsiderate

the intimate journal would be
a) stolen
b) intimate
c) published
d) personal

to dupe someone, would be to:
a) instruct
b) deceive
c) annoy
d) test

the gaudy tie, looked:
a) expensive
b) new
c) amazing
d) flashy

a person who is an extrovert, would be:
a) outgoing
b) very honest
c) loud and noisy
d) shy

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