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Job Application Guidelines
a) Read entire form first
b) Answer all questions completely and honestly
c) Write “NA” (not applicable) if an item does not apply to you
d) all the above

Personal information – name, social security number, etc, Position applied for , Education, Work experience, Criminal history, Signature, and References
a) Research Components
b) Job Application Components
c) Networking Components
d) Cover Letter Components

Summarizes applicant’s qualifications; Provides personal data, education, work history, and reference information; Stimulates interest of employer; Determines if applicant is worth interviewing
a) Purpose of a Résumé
b) Purpose of a Thank You Note
c) Purpose of a Cover letter
d) Purpose of an Application

To introduce the applicant to the potential employer; To explain reason for applying; To describe qualifications; To request an interview; To complement the résumé
a) Purpose of Networking
b) Purpose of a Thank You Note
c) Purpose of a Resume
d) Purpose of a Cover Letter

Must be keyed in 11 or 12 pt font; Must be error-free; Address to a specific person, avoid Dear Sir; Content should be clear and concise; Letter should be brief Use personal business letter format; Use high quality paper
a) Resume Guidelines for Keying
b) Network Guidelines for Keying
c) Job Application Guidelines for Keying
d) Cover Letter Guidelines for Keying

Always ask permission before using someone as a _________
a) choice
b) reference
c) contact
d) friend

What does “NA” stand for?
a) not allowed
b) not accetable
c) not applicable
d) not available

How are job leads acquired?
a) Job research, Employment Agencies, Direct Employer Contact, and Networking
b) Job Ads, Employment ads, Direct Employer Contact, and Networking
c) Job Ads, Agencies, Direct Employer Contact, and Networking
d) Job Ads, Employment Agencies, Direct Employer Contact, and Networking

Job Application, Resume, Cover Letter, Thank you letter are
a) Employment Manuals
b) Employment Games
c) Employment Documents
d) Employment Books

Networking counts for _______% of Jobs Leads.
a) 48
b) 52
c) 100
d) 101

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