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A Job Application provides employers with the _______ impression of a potential employee.
a) first
b) second
c) last
d) ultimate

An application that is sloppy or contains inaccurate information will always end up in the ________.
a) on the floor
b) in a pile
c) trash
d) on the computer

Purpose of a job application
a) Provides personal data, education, and work history
b) Demonstrates ability to read and follow simple directions
c) Demonstrates ability to write neatly, spell, and provide clear and concise descriptions of work history and education
d) all of the above

Network examples include:
a) State Fairs, Community members, Family and friends, School resources
b) Career Fairs, Community fairs, Family and friends, School resources
c) Career Fairs, Community members, Family and pets, School resources
d) Career Fairs, Community members, Family and friends, School resources

____________ provides a way to build relationships, communicate career interests, and find job leads.
a) Walking
b) Singing
c) Networking
d) Calling

A non-traditional career for a man may be a
a) Doctor

A non-traditional careers for a woman may be a

Reasons why people work fall into these five categories:
a) income, kindness, lifestyle, satisfaction, and contribution.
b) income, identity, welfare, satisfaction, and contribution.
c) income, identity, lifestyle, satisfaction, and contribution.
d) income, determination, lifestyle, satisfaction, and contribution.

One factor that has contributed to changes in the world of work.
a) friends
b) animals
c) weather
d) technology

Resources Used to Seek Employment include:
a) networking, internet, printed resources
b) walky-talkies, internet, printed resources
c) networking, satalite, printed resources
d) networking, internet, printed outcomes

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