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The Mercury missions were
a) an attempt to get a person into space
b) a sci-fi television series
c) chemicals used to get rid of all of the leaves in the jungles of Vietnam
d) characters that defended Tweety

What do John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr have in common
a) they all advocated peaceful protests
b) their birthdays
c) Tweety was their favorite cartoon character
d) they were all assassinated

A popular cartoon that started in the 1960s was
a) Spongebob
b) Tweety
c) The Flintstones
d) Bugs Bunny

Apollo 11 landed on the moon in
a) 1963
b) 1969
c) Tweety's 1st cartoon
d) 1965

The average income in the 1960s was
a) $1567
b) $2785
c) $4743
d) More if you could name all of the characters in the Tweety cartoon

In 1964, segregation was made illegal in the
a) Civil Rights Act
b) Jim Crow Laws
c) Tweety vs. Puddy Tat contest
d) Rosa Parks Bus Boycott

The Cold War continued in the 1960s between the US and
a) Germany
b) Cuba
c) the USSR
d) Tweety

A new fashion style in the 1960s was the
a) introduction of leg warmers
b) miniskirts
c) Tweety hats
d) rolled up jeans

In 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis developed because the USSR
a) flew spy planes over the US
b) tried to take over Cuba
c) had nuclear missiles in Cuba pointing at the US
d) shot Tweety down with a missile

The Domino Theory was the idea that if
a) you played Dominos enough, your IQ would improve
b) Tweety had Dominos, Puddy Tat was in trouble
c) the USSR used Dominos, the US should boycott them
d) if one country became Communist, others would follow

A popular pattern for clothing in the 1960s was
a) grunge
b) tie-dyed
c) gothic
d) Tweety bird tracks

One of the most influential musical groups in history was
a) Elvis
b) The Doors
c) The Beatles
d) Tweety and the Tweens

NASA was started in the 1960s with the ultimate goal of
a) getting a person into space
b) starting an international space station
c) experimenting with sending objects into space, including Tweety
d) landing a person on the moon

In the 1960s, a gallon of gas cost
a) $.75
b) Two Tweety birds and a Puddy Tat
c) $.25
d) $.15

During his March on Washington (DC), Martin Luther King, Jr.
a) gave his I Have A Dream speech
b) was assassinated
c) organized a bus boycott
d) was joined by Tweety

Many young people in the 1960s were considered hippies because they had
a) long hair
b) bell bottoms
c) beads and peace signs
d) all of these

This war was a part of the 1960s
a) Korean
b) World War II
c) Vietnam
d) Tweety vs. Foghorn Leghorn

The President who took office in 1960 was
a) Lyndon Johnson
b) John Kennedy
c) Richard Nixon
d) Tweety

Hippies were associated with
a) violence
b) Tweety
c) pro-war demonstrations
d) drug use

Who said That's one small step for man, on large leap for mankind?
a) Buzz Aldrin
b) Martin Luther King, Jr.
c) Neil Armstrong
d) Tweety

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