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In which United States' war was yellow journalism most influential in bringing about  a declaration for war?
a) Spanish-American War
b) World War I
c) World War II
d) The Civil War

American support of Cuban  independence from Spain and Exaggerated news reports of  events are two reasons for the war with Spain.
a) True
b) False

The sinking of the USS Maine and Protection of American  business interests are two reasons for the war with Spain.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following was NOT a reason for the war with Spain?
a) The sinking of the Lusitania
b) The sinking of the USS Maine
c) Exaggerated news reports of  events
d) American support of Cuban  independence from Spain

What was the most important result of the Spanish American War for the United  States?
a) The battleship, Maine, was blown up.
b) The Philippine Islands gained their independence.
c) The United States became an imperial power.
d) The United States supported the sovereign rights of the Cubans.

The main purpose of yellow journalism was to —
a) provide an accurate description of the events in Cuba
b) express events of the war in an artistic manner
c) prevent Spain and the United States from going to war
d) exaggerate stories in order to sell more newspapers

How did yellow journalism contribute to the Spanish American War?
a) By printing news stories that were not the whole truth
b) By giving advertising space to the Spanish government
c) By reporting only American victories
d) By selling newspapers to raise money for weapons

Which headline best describes a cause of the Spanish American War?
a) Lusitania sunk off Irish Coast
b) Roosevelt Carries A Big Stick!
c) Poland Invaded!
d) U.S.S. Maine Destroyed!

Which of these events occurred first?
a) Spanish-American War
b) Korean War
c) World War I
d) World War II

Which diplomatic addition to the Monroe Doctrine helped make the Panama Canal a reality?
a) The Roosevelt Corollary
b) Dollar Diplomacy
c) Fourteen Points
d) Square Deal

Which statement best describes Theodore Roosevelt's policy toward Latin America in  the early 1900s?
a) Latin American countries should receive large amounts of financial aid from the United States.
b) The United States should limit its interference in the affairs of other Western Hemisphere  countries.
c) The United States should have the right to intervene in the economic matters of Western  Hemisphere countries.
d) Latin American countries should form an alliance to gain political and economic stability.

Another name for Theodore Roosevelt's type of diplomacy was
a) Giant Gun Diplomacy
b) Warship Diplomacy
c) Big Stick Diplomacy
d) Scream and Shout Diplomacy

How did the Progressive Movement affect  the lives of child workers?
a) It pushed for laws restricting child labor
b) It influenced the passage of the 18th  Amendment
c) It supported the 19th Amendment
d) It reinforced the importance of military service

Which issue most contributed to the early growth of labor unions?
a) Dangerous working conditions
b) Local neighborhood pollution
c) Increasing income taxes
d) Limited worker education

Improved Safety Conditions, Reduced Work Hours, and Restrictions on Child Labor were all the result of -
a) Women’s suffrage movement
b) Assembly line
c) Mechanization of agriculture
d) Progressive reforms

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