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a) The crafting of tools and other objects from iron
b) A way to make gold pure and strong for jewelry
c) The building of tombs and pyramids for rulers
d) The process of heating ore and burning away minerals

How did Nubia change over time?
a) Kings stopped the building of pyramids and tombs.
b) The population grew until it became overcrowded.
c) It took on many aspects of Egyptian culture.
d) The kingdom got weaker as new rulers took over.

Why was Nubia an important center of trade?
a) It had the best farmland for growing food.
b) It was the safest place for trade in Egypt.
c) People there spoke many languages.
d) It was at the crossroads of several civilizations

How did the power of Nubian priests change in the third century B.C?
a) The priests were no longer allowed to build pyramids.
b) The king refused to obey the priests' orders completely.
c) The king appointed all of the new priests.
d) The priests began speaking for more than one god.

If you were a Nubian trader, your work would probably be most influenced by--
a) the fees Nubia charged Egyptian traders traveling through Nubia.
b) the skills of Nubian pyramid builders.
c) the Nile cataracts, which forced travelers to stop at certain points.
d) the Nubian soldiers skill with the bow and arrow.

A group traveling together for safety through dangerous country
a) Nomads
b) Dynasty
c) Caravan
d) Armies

What was a key achievement of Meroe?
a) They developed their own alphabet.
b) The smelted stones and turned it into gold.
c) They created large glass structures.
d) They produced beautiful silver jewelry.

What was a sign of Nubian wealth?
a) shoes
b) hairstyles
c) pottery
d) makeup

What was the main reason different kingdoms in Nubia flourished at different times?
a) Rulers in Egypt and the Middle East needed Nubian resources.
b) Worship of the god Amun increased the power of Nubian priests.
c) The Assyrian invasion of Egypt forced the Nubians back into Nubia.
d) The balance of power between Egypt and Nubia shifted periodically.

Which were capitals of Nubia?
a) Kerma, Napata, Meroe
b) Kerma, Napata, Ahmose
c) Napata, Meroe, Ahmose
d) Kerma, Napata, Giza

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