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What was one of the main reasons why the people of France didn't like their king and queen?
a) They were never in France to rule.
b) They didn't like talking to the public.
c) They lived very lavished lifestyles.
d) They didn't care about the commoners.

Which word means FREEDOM?
a) Liberty
b) Equality
c) Rights
d) Justice

Which is a contrast of the American and French Revolutions?
a) People did not like their king.
b) Each revolution occurred on different continents.
c) People didn't like paying taxes
d) Each country was controlled by a monarchy.

What the Bastille in France
a) a palace
b) a prison
c) a grocery store
d) a warehouse

Which king was consideredweak and indecisive?
a) King George III
b) King Loius XVI

What happened at the Boston Massacre?
a) British soldiers issued a curfew for all colonists living Boston for refusing to pay taxes.
b) Colonists dumped crates of tea into the Boston Harbor and were then executed
c) Colonists opened fire on British soldiers on patrol and soldiers were killed.
d) British soldiers opened fire on a crowd that was throwing snowballs at the soldiers.

Which was a tax on all imports coming into the American colonies?
a) Sugar Act
b) Stamp Act
c) Tea tax
d) Quartering Act

Which is a contrast between the American and French Revolution?
a) Both fought for independence
b) Both wars occurred in the 1700s
c) Both wanted to end unfair taxation
d) Both executed their king

Which marked the start of the American Revolution?
a) Enforcment of the Stamp Act
b) The Boston Massacre
c) Lexington and Concord Incident
d) The Boston Tea Party

Which country was famous for using the guillotine?
a) America
b) Britain
c) France
d) Austria

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