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Why do governments try to regulate population growth, such as the One-Child Policy in China?
a) Stop population decline
b) Enough people for military service
c) Increase cultural diversity
d) Ensure adequate resources for citizens

What is one unique characteristic of an area with low population density?
a) Larger living spaces
b) More competition for jobs
c) Fewer resources
d) More air pollution

Which of the following is NOT a reason why many immigrants want to come to the United States?
a) More economic opportunities
b) Better education
c) Relaxed immigration laws
d) Higher standard of living

Country A is very strict about what can be brought across the border. Which type of dispute is this?
a) Territorial
b) Functional
c) Positional
d) Resource

Country A believes the border should be moved 50 miles south. What type of dispute is this?
a) Territorial
b) Functional
c) Positional
d) Resource

Why are illegal immigrants hired to work in the United States?
a) They possess skills that Americans do not have.
b) Companies receive tax credits from the government.
c) They work for a lower wage than Americans.
d) They are more educated than Americans.

An ongoing violent conflict in Darfur, Sudan has forced many citizens to flee the country. The violence in Darfur is an example of a...
a) Cost
b) Pull Factor
c) Benefit
d) Push Factor

Most immigrants to the United States come from...
a) Europe
b) Sub-Saharan Africa
c) Asia
d) Mexico and Latin America

Why do American companies outsource jobs to foreign countries, such as India?
a) Foreign workers will do the job for a lower wage
b) American workers are less educated in basic skills
c) There are not enough American workers to fill the jobs.
d) The U.S. government encourages companies to move overseas.

What is one effect of globalization?
a) Products cost more for consumers
b) Decreased air and water pollution
c) Safer working conditions in factories
d) Fewer jobs in the United States

The transfer of ideas and the settlement of people are examples of...
a) Systems
b) Movement
c) Culture
d) Geography

The process of moving into a new country with the intent of staying permanently is...
a) Colonization
b) Emigration
c) Immigration
d) Globalization

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