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The ocean is stratified with __________ layers below ________ layers
a) less dense, denser
b) denser, less dense

The surface zone accounts for approximatel _______ percent of the ocean's volume
a) 1
b) 2
c) 18
d) 80

The thermocline is the boundary between layers of water with differeing _________
a) colors
b) temperatures
c) organisms
d) none of the answers are correct

Particles in water _________ light, and water ___________ light, turning it into heat
a) absorb and scatter, absorbs
b) generates, magnifies

The ________ zone is the area of the ocean that sunlight never reaches
a) photic
b) euphotic
c) dysphotic
d) aphotic

The advantage of ocean based life over land based life, with respect to temperature, is that the coolnes of the water makes the organisms live longer
a) true
b) false

A _____________ is an organisms with an internal temperature the same as or close to the surrounding sea water's temperature
a) ectotherm
b) endotherm
c) homeotherm

The advantage to being an endotherm is
a) it requires a smaller food source
b) it keeps the metabolic rate the same

Sound travels through water ____________ in air
a) about a fourth as fast as
b) about half as fast as
c) about twice as fast as
d) about five times as fast as

Hydrostatic pressure has a/an __________effect on marine organisms. This is because the pressure inside their tissues is ___________ the surrounding pressure
a) significant, greater than
b) significant, less than
c) insignificant, equal to
d) insignificant, greater than

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