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Instrument that records an earthquake's seismic wave
a) Seismograph
b) Bar graph
c) accelerometer
d) Bolometer

Which wave is a transvers wave
a) P-Wave
b) S-Wave

Point on the surface directly above the focus
a) Hypercenter
b) Epicencter
c) Epcot
d) Asthenosphere

Rating of an earthquake's magnitude based on the size of the earthquakes seismic waves
a) Barometer
b) Nanometer
c) Richter Scale
d) Balance

Seismic waves that vibrate from side to side as well as up and down; second seismic wave to arrive
a) S-Wave
b) P-Wave
c) Surface Wave
d) Tsunami Wave

First seismic wave to arrive, compress and expand the ground like an accordian
a) Surface Wave
b) P-Wave
c) S-Wave
d) Tsunami Wave

Shaking and trembling from the movement of rock beneath Earth's surface
a) Hypercenter
b) Epicenter
c) Fault
d) Earthquake

Which type of stress is responsible for pulling rocks apart, stretching and thinning it in the middle
a) Compression
b) Tension
c) Shearing
d) Reverse

Area beneath Earth's surface where an earthquake originates where rock that is under stress breaks, triggering an earthquake
a) Epicenter
b) Fault
c) Focus
d) Mercalli scale

What is the correct order of waves from fastest to slowest as they leave the focus
a) S-Wave, P-Wave, Surface Wave
b) Surface Wave, P-Wave, S-Wave
c) P-Wave, S-Wave, Surface Wave
d) P-Wave, Surface Wave, S-Wave

Which type of stress is responsible for squeezing rocks as plates push together
a) Shearing
b) Tension
c) Compression
d) Shoulder Pain

Ground movements that occur when blocks of rock in Earth move suddenly and release energy is a
a) Fault
b) Tectonic Plate
c) Earthquake
d) Rift Valley

A break in Earths crust along which blocks of rock move is a
a) Fault
b) Trench
c) Rift Valley
d) Plate Tectonic

What type of fault occurs at a transform boundary
a) Normal
b) Reverse
c) Strike Slip
d) Transformation

What type of fault occurs at a convergent boundary
a) Strike Slip
b) Normal
c) Reverse
d) Compressed

What type of fault occurs at a divergent boundary
a) Normal
b) Reverse
c) Tense
d) Strike Slip

A giant sea wave produced from an earthquake is called
a) Rip Tide
b) Caldera
c) Tsunami
d) Electromagnetic wave

What is the minimum number of seismographic stations are needed to locate the epicenter of an earthquake
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Where do most earthquakes occcur
a) Plate Boundaries
b) Hot Spots
c) Under Water
d) Along the coast of Florida

What seismic wave can travel through solids and liquids
a) S-Wave
b) P-Wave
c) L-Wave
d) K-Wave

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