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In underdeveloped countries, dried animal manure is burned as fuel for heating and cooking. What type of energy is this?
a) a. Hydroelectric
b) b. Solar
c) c. Fossil Fuel
d) d. Biomass

Why are fossil fuels still the primary energy resource worldwide
a) a. They are cleaner than renewable energy resources.
b) b. They create carbon when burned.
c) c. They make the U.S. independent of foreign countries.
d) d. They are cheaper and very efficient.

What is a disadvantage of hydroelectric power?
a) a. Hydroelectric energy is the least efficient renewable energy source
b) b. Hydroelectric dams harm ecosystems
c) c. Hydroelectric energy is expensive because the fuel has to be shipped in
d) d. Hydroelectric energy needs a backup energy source.

Which energy source directly produces electricity
a) a. Geothermal
b) b. Photovoltaic cells from solar panels
c) c. Fossil fuels
d) d. Nuclear energy

By the end of this century, factories that get their electricity from coal-burning power plants may have to shut down, while factories designed to run on solar power will be able to stay in production. This is because:
a) a. Solar energy operates the turbines of generators well
b) b. Solar panels are efficient in all climates.
c) c. The technology used to turn solar energy into electricity is cheap.
d) d. Solar energy is a renewable resource

When we obtain fossil fuels, all of the following are environmental consequences except
a) a. oil spills in the ocean
b) b. Contamination to drinking water
c) c. a radioactive product is created and needed to be stored in an environmentally safe place
d) d. Increased carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming

Photovoltaic cells are different from normal electricity production in that they
a) a. capture the sun's heat energy and use it to heat water to spin a turbine
b) b. capture the sun’s light energy and use it to heat water to spin a turbine
c) c. convert the sun’s light energy directly into electrical energy without the use of a turbine.
d) d. we cannot convert the sun’s light energy.

What would be an ideal location for a town to place their new wind farm?
a) a. Within a forest glade where the trees block most of the wind
b) b. On a hilltop where there are limited spaces to build.
c) c. In a vast field where there is a constant flow of wind.
d) d. In the middle of town where the buildings can be close to the turbines.

Which is a concern related to the production of electricity using nuclear power?
a) a. Nuclear power produces too much excess heat and causes global warming.
b) b. Nuclear power produces radioactive wastes that are difficult to eliminate
c) c. Nuclear power is not as efficient in producing electricity as are other forms of energy.
d) d. Nuclear power plants take up too much space for the amount of electricity they produce

Which of the following choices includes energy sources that would be non-renewable
a) a. Coal , Oil and Uranium
b) b. Sun, Wind and Water
c) c. Geothermal, Water and Biomass
d) d. Uranium, Solar and Biomass

What do fossil fuels and biomass have in common
a) a. They both are renewable
b) b. They both emit greenhouse gases when burned
c) c. They both were formed millions of years ago
d) d. They both are carbon neutral

The U.S.A. and other countries are often promoting the conservation of electricity and fossil fuels. Which is an advantage of these conservation efforts
a) a. Conservation will allow electricity to be produced more cheaply.
b) b. Conservation will help scientists find more uses for nonrenewable resource.
c) c. Conservation will give scientists more time to find renewable alternatives to produce electricity.
d) d. Conservation will provide all people on Earth access to electricity.

Why don’t people use more renewable energy resources when they know it’s better to do so?
a) a. People find it hard to change
b) b. A lot of people are not educated on renewable energy resources and its benefits
c) c. Many people are not sure of the long term effects of the renewable energy resources
d) d. All of the above

Conservation of our natural resources means that we use only what we need so the resources last into the future. Which of the following does NOT demonstrate conservation?
a) a. Buying used books at a yard sale
b) b. Buying products in bulk that use less packaging
c) c. Buying disposable items like diapers and plastic water bottles
d) d. Maintaining and repairing clothing, tires, and appliances

Which renewable energy source has small power stations that have minimal impact on the environment, but could contain hazardous gasses and minerals that come up from the ground
a) a. Nuclear
b) b. Hydroelectric
c) c. Biomass
d) d. Geothermal

Which is a problem with using wind turbines to produce energy?
a) a. Wind turbines are efficient only in certain areas.
b) b. Wind turbines occupy a small area of land.
c) c. Wind turbines produce a large amount of energy.
d) d. Wind turbines create a large amount of pollution.

Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel
a) a. Coal
b) b. Natural gas
c) c. Uranium
d) d. Petroleum

What is the main difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources
a) a. Renewable resources will run out eventually, whereas nonrenewable resources will not run out.
b) b. Nonrenewable resources will run out eventually, whereas renewable resources will not run out.

All of the following energy sources are nonrenewable EXCEPT
a) a. Oil
b) b. Uranium
c) c. Geothermal
d) d. Coal

A teacher asks his students, “What is a negative effect of using fossil fuels?” Which student answered correctly?
a) a. Student 1: Fossil fuels do not produce a lot of energy for us to use.
b) b. Student 2: Fossil fuels produce greenhouse gases when burned.
c) c. Student 3. Fossil fuels are carbon neutral
d) d. Student 4: Fossil fuels are really expensive

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