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What mode of transportation do you take to fly somewhere?
a) Auto
b) Zug
c) Flugzeug
d) Fahrrad

What is the highway called that has no speed limit?
a) Autobahn
b) Autozeug
c) Autospur
d) Ausfahrt

If you hear the word 'einsteigen,' it probably means you are supposed to
a) park the car
b) get in the car
c) stay in the car
d) get out of the car

What does the U stand for in U-bahn
a) über
b) unter
c) und
d) um

If you want to go somewhere by Fahrrad, how are you going?
a) by car
b) by motorcycle
c) by bike
d) by plane

A ____ flies a plane
a) Busfahrer
b) Flugzeug
c) Pilot
d) Schalter

If you hear the phrase 'links abbiegen,' you are probably supposed to...
a) go straight
b) turn left
c) turn right
d) turn around

What do 'gehen' and 'fahren' mean, respectively
a) walk; drive
b) drive; walk
c) run; drive
d) drive; run

When you hear 'zu Fuss,' what does it mean?
a) two feet
b) one foot
c) to your feet
d) by foot

When you want to get gas, where do you go?
a) die Bibliothek
b) der Supermarkt
c) der Tankplatz
d) die Tankstelle

'Zug' refers to what mode of transportation?
a) truck
b) train
c) car
d) plane

What has lights in rot, gelb, und grün?
a) die Ecke
b) das Stoppschild
c) die Ampel
d) die Kreuzung

How would you say, I am driving to New York
a) Ich fahre zu New York
b) Ich gehe nach New York
c) Ich fahre zu New York
d) Ich fahre nach New York

Can you fly on a Zug?
a) Ja
b) Nein

Where does a Boot travel?
a) On land
b) In the air
c) On the water
d) It doesn't

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