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What was the conflict between China Britain over the drug trade?
a) Opium Wars
b) Boxer Rebellion
c) Sepoy Rebellion

What was the conflict in South Africa between the Dutch, British Zulus?
a) Boer/Zulu Wars
b) Open Door Policy
c) Meiji Restoration

What event wanted to rid China of all foreign influence?
a) Boxer Rebellion
b) Sepoy Rebellion
c) Opium Wars

What was the religious conflict between India Great Britain known as?
a) Sepoy Rebellion
b) Boxer Rebellion
c) Opium Wars

What made it easier cheaper to produce goods?
a) Assembly Line
b) Steam Engine
c) Interchangeable Parts
d) Cottage Industry

Which was the most important invention during the Industrial Revolution because it replaced human animal power?
a) Steam Engine
b) Spinning Mule
c) Flying Shuttle
d) Interchangeable Parts

What term was used to people producing goods from home
a) Cottage Industry
b) Steam Engine
c) Assembly Line
d) Interchangeable Parts

Which invention had the biggest impact on the Industrial Revolution because it made it cheaper to replace broken parts?
a) Interchangeable Parts
b) Spinning Mule
c) Steam Engine
d) Flying Shuttle

What was the 19th 20th century European colonization of Africa Asia?
a) European Imperialism
b) The French Revolution
c) World War I
d) The Industrial Revolution

Which began in Europe in the 18th 19th Centuries, Asia in the 19th Century Africa in the 20th Century? It also lead to population increases in the big cities
a) The Industrial Revolution
b) European Imperialism
c) World War I
d) The French Revolution

What opened the door for American trade in China?
a) Open Door Policy
b) Meiji Restoration
c) Boer/Zulu Wars

What time period made Japan a world power after defeating Russia in a war in 1905?
a) Meiji Restoration
b) Boer/Zulu Wars
c) Open Door Policy

What was a cause/ What were causes of the Spanish American War?
a) The explosion of the USS Maine
b) The Yellow Journalism used by the Press
c) The Yellow Journalism used by the Press and The explosion of the USS Maine
d) None of the above

Which war did the Treaty of Paris end in 1898?
a) Spanish American War
b) French Revolution
c) WWI

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