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Sam Houston opposed building a navy for Texas because he thought it would be--
a) drain Texas Finances
b) anger the United States
c) heighten tensions with Mexico
d) curb trade on the Caribbean Sea

Why is 1845 significant?
a) Texas won the Battle of the Alamo
b) Sam Houston
c) Texas was annexed into the US
d) Spanish government gave up all rights to Texas

Anson Jones was leader during the--
a) Battle of Gonzalez
b) Annexation of Texas
c) early settlement of Texas
d) signing of the treaty of Velasco

A major focus of Houston's administration in the newly formed Republic of Texas was-
a) writing a constitution of Texas
b) planning annexation by the United States
c) Paying debt
d) resettling Texans away from the border with Mexico

How did the republic of Texas provide religious freedom for it's citizens?
a) no longer had to attend regular church services
b) everyone had to joun the Anglican church
c) allowed only one church service a month
d) no longer had to be apart of the catholic church

Who was the Cherokee leader that fought and died trying to keep his people's land from President Lamar's troops?
a) Running bull
b) Chief Kicking bird
c) Chief Bowles
d) Chief Parker

When Sam Houston was elected as president in 1841, what were some of the problems he faces?
a) Mexican invasion and US annexation
b) slavery disputes and conflicts with indians
c) slavery disputes and debt
d) debt and conflict with indians

Who was elected first president of the Republic of Texas?
a) Mirabeau Lamar
b) Sam Houston
c) David Burnett
d) Lorenzo de Zavala

Why was the US hesitant to annex Texas a a state?
a) Mexico refused to recognize Tx as being independent and slavery disputes
b) Texas was not independent and had no constitution
c) Slavery disputes and conflicts with Indians
d) US did not recognize TX as independent and conflicts with Indians

What was Governor Lamar's policy toward the Native Americans?
a) Sought to negotiate treaties with them
b) he felt that they should be pushed off the land
c) he opposed the policy of placing them on reservations
d) he wanted to help preserve their culture

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