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Review Of Story For 6th Hour Class.

Easter Island and the Middle East are similar because____________
a) both of their carrying capacity increased
b) both had giant statues called moai
c) both of their carrying capacities decreased
d) both were once known as the Fertile Crescent

The level of wealth available to a person is _________________
a) birthrate
b) overpopulation
c) consumed
d) standard of living

What can be the result of irrigation?
a) Croplands take over the desert.
b) Croplands become desert.
c) More people are needed for harvesting.
d) Less food is available for distribution.

Why does the author think it’s important to study Earth’s limited resources?
a) for people to use water more efficiently
b) for people to stop having babies
c) for the planet to create new resources
d) for everyone to eat more meat

What makes this book a nonfiction informational book?
a) It is a story about a real person’s life.
b) It is written from the writer’s imagination.
c) It has rhythm and rhyme.
d) It has factual information about the world.

Which word means used?
a) consumed
b) birthrate
c) carrying capacity
d) emitting

What caused more people to move from farms to cities?
a) Fewer people were needed to work in factories.
b) Fewer people were needed to work on farms.
c) More people were needed to work in business.
d) More people were needed to populate cities.

How do scientists think the large stone statues got placed around Easter Island?
a) The people brought them on huge boats from another island.
b) The people used crane systems suspended from trees.
c) The people used tree trunks as rollers.
d) The stones were already placed by nature.

Why is educating women the most effective way to reduce birthrates?
a) Educated women often choose not have children.
b) Educated women often have more children.
c) Educated women often choose to have fewer children.
d) Educated women give children up for adoption.

After reading this book, what can you conclude about Earth’s growing population?
a) It will never decrease.
b) It is saving ecosystems.
c) It is creating sustainable resources.
d) It is destroying the planet.

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