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Which of the following is NOT a natural resource?
a) Natural Gas
b) Wood
c) Plastic
d) Water

Which of the following natural resources is inexhaustible?
a) Soil
b) Oil
c) Trees
d) Wind

Which of the following are TRUE concerning the carbon cycle:
a) Humans produce carbon dioxide and take in oxygen.
b) Plants produce carbon dioxide and take in oxygen.
c) Humans produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide.
d) Humans are not part of the carbon cycle.

During part of the water cycle, water from the ocean gains energy and turns into water vapor. What is the name of this process?
a) Condensation
b) Runoff
c) Precipitation
d) Evaporation

Which of the following natural resources is renewable?
a) Corn
b) Coal
c) Sunlight
d) Natural Gas

Plants obtain nitrogen by:
a) Eating dead animals
b) Soaking up bacteria from the soil
c) Absorbing nitrogen from soil through the roots
d) Making nitrogen through photosynthesis

Which of the following is NOT part of the creation of fossil fuels?
a) Heat
b) Runoff
c) Pressure
d) Deposition

Which of the following natural resources is nonrenewable?
a) Water
b) Natural Gas
c) Corn
d) Wood

Clouds forming is an example of which water cycle process?
a) Evaporation
b) Condensation
c) Precipitation
d) Runoff

Scientists believe that the Earth once had a single super-continent named Pangaea. What is the name of the process that allowed the continents to move apart?
a) Organic materials
b) Natural resources
c) Nitrogen cycle
d) Plate tectonics

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