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Why is Lincoln the puppy so cute?
a) Because he is perfect
b) He's not really that cute
c) Because he sometimes eats poop
d) Dogs are not cute at all

Who discovered cells in animal samples?
a) Mary Schwann
b) Theodor Schwann
c) Matthias Schwann
d) Anton Schwann

Who looked at cork and saw cells?
a) Robert Hooke
b) Captain Hooke
c) Sheldon Hooke
d) Rhonda Hooke

Which scientist is NOT involved in cell theory?
a) Robert Hooke
b) Matthias Schleiden
c) Rudolf Virchow
d) Jane Goodall

What attacked Rose, Jackie, and Mickey when the Doctor was sleeping?
a) Nanogenes
b) A Christmas Tree
c) Daleks
d) Vashta Nerada

Who looked at living plant cells?
a) Schleiden
b) Schwann
c) Virchow
d) Leeuwenhoek

Who discovered animalcules?
a) Anton Leeuwenhoek
b) Matthias Schleiden
c) Doctor Manhattan
d) Robert Hooke

Who discovered that cells come from other living cells?
a) Rudolf Virchow
b) Anton Leeuwenhoek
c) Rose Tyler
d) Theodor Schwann

What are animalcules as we know them today?
a) bacteria
b) teeth gunk
c) cell walls
d) organelles

Who discovered cells come from preexisting cells?
a) Rudolf Virchow
b) Robert Hooke
c) Matthias Schleiden
d) Theodor Schwann

How did the scientist discover cells come from preexisting cells?
a) He saw cells dividing under a microscope
b) He saw the nucleus of the cell under a microscope
c) He saw his pet cat having kittens
d) He noticed cell walls under the microscope

Who looked at cork cells?
a) Hooke
b) Schleiden
c) Schwann
d) Leeuwenhoek

What is NOT part of cell theory?
a) Cells crystallize from non-living materials
b) Cells are the basic unit of life
c) Cells make up all living things
d) Cells come from other living cells

What is Rose's Mom's name?
a) Jackie
b) Pete
c) Sarah Jane
d) Donna

Who looked at animal samples and saw that they were made of cells?
a) Theodor Schwann
b) Kaitlyn Leewenhoak
c) Rudolf Virchow
d) Amy Schleiden

What was Robert Hooke looking at when he discovered cells?
a) Cork Cells
b) Schwann Cells
c) Living Plant Cells
d) Animal Cells

Who looked at living plant samples and saw that they were made from cells?
a) Matthias Schleiden
b) Rudolf Virchow
c) Lacey Swan
d) Anton Leewenhoak

Who was the first person to use the word CELLS?
a) Robert Hooke
b) Mary Virchow
c) Captain Hook
d) Candice Shleiden

When did Robert Hooke discover cells?
a) 2055
b) 1665
c) 1875
d) 1965

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