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What event from the early 1900s had the most significant impact on the development of technology?
a) The development of mechanical labor
b) The development of the assembly line
c) The development of steam power
d) The development of electricity

______________ is a series of refinements to an original idea or product.
a) technology transfer
b) invention
c) innovation
d) culture shift

A new and useful tool or process is called an __________?
a) invention
b) innovation
c) culture shift
d) tech transfer

The rate of technological development is __________.
a) rapidly decreasing
b) rapidly increasing
c) slowly decreasing
d) slowly increasing

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are so closely related that progress in one area often _________________.
a) Stunts progress in other areas
b) Stunts progress in one but not all other areas
c) Promotes advancements in all other areas
d) Promotes advancement in one other area but not others

______________ is when a designer must make a choice between positive and negative impacts for a product.
a) principles of design
b) trade-off
c) sketching
d) marketing

Which of the following contributes to the success or failure of a product?
a) Strength of the economy
b) latest trends
c) advertising
d) all of the above

Research and Development is used for the following purposes
a) To reverse-engineer a product and to develop new products
b) To reverse-engineer a product and discover new scientific/technical knowledge
c) To develop new products and discover new scientific/technical knowledge
d) To develop new products and improve a company’s operations

Specific, goal-directed research conducted by a company to design new innovations is called _________.
a) Engineering design
b) Research and development
c) Technical know-how
d) Technology transfer

Information Age devices are used to process and exchange information. Which of the following does this as its primary function?
a) ipod
b) laptop
c) gps
d) all of the above

Which of the following is an impact technology has had on our society?
a) political
b) economic
c) envronmental
d) all of the above

What is the most significant result based on the development of windmills and waterwheels?
a) The rise and fall of feudalism
b) Humans no longer had to use their muscle to move machines
c) Popularity of money and capitalism
d) Beginning of mechanical labor

Today, the development of tools and machines is based on scientific knowledge and engineering design, however early in the history of technology, the development of tools and machines was based on __________________.
a) Technology and mathematics principles
b) The engineering design process
c) Technical know-how
d) Positive and negative effects of using technology

Comparing tools made of stone, iron, and bronze: place them in the correct order from least to most durable.
a) Stone, iron, bronze
b) Iron, bronze, stone
c) Stone, bronze, iron
d) Bronze, stone, iron

Most development of technologies these days is driven by ________.
a) politics
b) profit motives
c) morals
d) ethics

_________________ allow companies and individuals to protect their product designs from being copied and produced without their permission.
a) patents
b) trademarks
c) lawsuits
d) original sketches

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