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What is the space or area in which things can be seen through the lens of a microscope?
a) field of view
b) microfiche
c) micrometer
d) micron

What is the unit used for measuring microscopic objects?
a) micron
b) hand lens
c) microchip
d) microwave

What is a slide that provides a reservoir with more depth for holding thicker specimens?
a) well slide
b) flat slide
c) water slide
d) cover slide

What type of specimen would you put in a well slide?
a) seeds
b) hair
c) feather
d) newspaper

What is another name for a well slide?
a) depression slide
b) flat slide
c) slip and slide
d) micro slide

What is a description of a substance that means clear, able to let light through?
a) transparent
b) opaque
c) tubular
d) translucent

What is one of the most common minerals found in great abundance both in the earth and sea water?
a) table salt
b) grits
c) sand
d) crystals

What has distinctive, needle-like crystals and ranges from transparent to white?
a) Epsom salts
b) table salt
c) sugar
d) grits

What are three properties of table salt?
a) translucent, cube-shaped, white or colorless
b) red, white and blue
c) yellow, irregular and opaque
d) irregular due to weathering, opaque, brown

What is another name for table salt?
a) sodium chloride
b) magnesium sulfate
c) ground corn
d) Epsom salts

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