EOQ Review #2 Continued Question Preview (ID: 28838)

EOQ Review #2 Continued.

This event caused a sense of patriotism amongst Americans and inspired our national anthem.
a) War of 1812
b) War of 1813
c) Spanish American War
d) French and Indian War

The name of the rebellion that prompted delegates to rewrite the Articles of Confederation
a) Blackbeards Rebellion
b) Shays Rebellion
c) Rebel Rebellion
d) Native American Rebellion

Total number of House of Representatives
a) 435
b) 438
c) 532
d) 50

The total number of electoral votes possible for the Presidency
a) 51
b) 432
c) 538
d) 275

The House of Representatives was created by the
a) New Jersey Plan
b) Virginia Plan
c) North Carolina Plan
d) Halifax Resolves

This part of Congress is represented by population
a) Senate
b) Vice President
c) House of Representatives
d) Executive Branch

The Senate was created by the
a) New Jersey Plan
b) Virginia Plan
c) Connecticut Plan
d) Andrew Jackson Plan

This group of people gained the ability to run for office after 1835
a) Catholics
b) Protestants
c) Baptists
d) Muslims

This part of Congress is represented equally in each state
a) House of Representatives
b) Presidents Cabinet
c) Chamber of Commerce
d) Senate

The fictional character used to describe North Carolina in the early 19th century
a) Meriwether Clark
b) Rip Van Winkle
c) Jedi Master Yoda
d) Thomas Jefferson

This person was the President that purchased the Louisiana Territory
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) John Adams
c) Teddy Roosevelt
d) Andrew Jackson

“We the people” is the beginning of the
a) Pledge of Allegiance
b) National Anthem
c) Preamble
d) Bill of Rights

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