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What do machines do?
a) change the amount of force you exert or the distance over which you exert the force
b) increase the amount of work that is done
c) decrease the amount of work that is done
d) eliminate friction

Pulling down on a rope to hoist a sail on a sailboat is an example of a machine
a) multiplying the force you exert.
b) multiplying the distance over which a force is exerted.
c) changing the direction over which a force is exerted.
d) reducing friction

The mechanical advantage of a machine is the number of times a machine increases
a) the distance an object is moved.
b) the amount of friction
c) the change in direction.
d) the force exerted on the machine.

Without friction there would be
a) less machine efficiency.
b) greater output work than input work.
c) greater input work than output work.
d) equal input and output work.

An ideal machine would have an efficiency of
a) 1 percent.
b) 10 percent.
c) 50 percent.
d) 100 percent.

A ramp is an example of a simple machine called a(an)
a) inclined plane.
b) wedge.
c) lever.
d) pulley.

TThe ideal mechanical advantage for an inclined plane is equal to the length of the incline divided by the
a) mass of the incline.
b) slope of the incline.
c) height of the incline.
d) angle of the incline.

Which of these is an example of a third-class lever?
a) scissors
b) pliers
c) fishing pole
d) nutcracker

A machine that utilizes two or more simple machines is called a
a) combination machine.
b) compound machine.
c) mechanical machine. d. mixed machine.
d) mixed machine.

One example of a compound machine is a
a) door.
b) pliers
c) bicycle
d) shovel

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