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This document was very weak and incapable of dealing with major problems.
a) Articles of Confederation
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Silence Do Good Letters
d) The Gettysburg Address

This group of people liked the Constitution at the end of the Constitutional Convention and wrote a series of essay to convince others to ratify the Constitution.
a) Whigs
b) Anti-Federalist
c) Federalist
d) Republicans

One of the few strengths of the Articles of Confederation this law prevented slavery in new territory and outlined how new states would be added to the Union.
a) Southeast Ordinance
b) Northwest Ordinance
c) Polar Ordinance
d) Arizona Ordinance

This Compromise created a bicameral legislative branch .
a) Virginia Plan
b) 3/5 Compromise
c) Mediocre Compromise
d) Great Compromise

This was added to the Constitution to please the Anti-Federalists and to prevent the government from having too much power over individuals.
a) Bill of Rights
b) Bill of Wrongs
c) The Federalist Papers
d) NC Constitution

The name of the “chapters” in the Constitution are called
a) Sections
b) Headings
c) Articles
d) Definitions

The first article of the constitution pertains with this branch of government.
a) Legislative
b) Executive
c) Judicial
d) Tertiary

Which compromise determined how slaves would be counted towards population.
a) Great Compromise
b) 3/5 Compromise
c) New Jersey Plan
d) Washington Compromise

When one branch of government prevents another branch of government from abusing its power this is called which principle of the constitution.
a) Veto
b) Popular Sovereignty
c) Judiciary Branches
d) Checks and Balances

The principle of the constitution that allows the people to rule the way they want.
a) Popular Sovereignty
b) Federalism
c) Limited Government.
d) Individual rights.

The branch of government that consists of the Supreme Court and smaller state court systems.
a) Judicial
b) Executive
c) Legislative
d) Jedi Temple

The name of the process that occurs every 10 years to determine population in each state
a) Caucus
b) Census
c) Head Count
d) Hunger Games

The year that the Louisiana Purchase occurred.
a) 1703
b) 1835
c) 1803
d) 1836

The year that North Carolina made major changes to the state constitution.
a) 1835
b) 1836
c) 1735
d) 1999

Thomas Jefferson wanted to purchase the Louisiana Territory because it would give him greater access over the Mississippi River and the port in what city?
a) New Orleans
b) Baton Rouge
c) Texarcana
d) District 12

The belief that Americans had that they should move westward and control the land all the way to the Pacific Ocean.
a) Manifest Destiny
b) Communist Manifesto
c) Trailblazing
d) Gold Rush

This person was actively engaged in creating change in North Carolina including deepening rivers and creating public schools through the use of a literary fund.
a) Jack Sparrow
b) Archibald Witwicky
c) Archibald Murphy
d) Thomas Jefferson

How many total amendments are there to the United States Constitution
a) 27
b) 25
c) 32
d) 21

“We the people” is the beginning of the
a) Pregame
b) Preamble
c) Pledge of Allegiance
d) National Anthem

The term for “kidnapping” which was often done to American citizens by the British prior to the War of 1812.
a) Imprisonment
b) Impressment
c) Impoverished
d) Implicate

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