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The outermost layer of the geosphere. This includes the crust and upper mantle. This is made up of several different plates, which slowly move across Earth's surface
a) Lithosphere
b) Atmosphere
c) Troposphere
d) Exosphere

Includes the physical elements of the Earth's surface, crust and interior. Examples are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
a) Geosphere
b) Hydrosphere
c) Cryosphere
d) Atmosphere

Includes any part of the Earth where there are living organisms.
a) Biosphere
b) Lithosphere
c) Hydrosphere
d) Cryosphere

Includes all of the water on or near Earth's surface. This could be water vapor, solid water, and liquid water.
a) Hydropshere
b) Geosphere
c) Lithosphere
d) Mesosphere

Includes only the frozen portion of the hydrosphere. This would involve the movement of glaciers, ice flow and snow fall.
a) Cryosphere
b) Lithosphere
c) Geosphere
d) Exosphere

This is a natural warming of the Earth's surface and lower atmosphere. This is important to support life on Earth. Without this Earth could not support life as we know it.
a) Greenhouse Effect
b) Altitude
c) Air Pressure
d) Spheres

The most abundant of these would be carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane. They trap and hold heat in the atmosphere.
a) Greenhouse Gases
b) Spheres
c) Altitude
d) Air Pressure

This is a thin, gaseous layer of molecules surrounding the solid surface of the planet. It is held in place by gravity.
a) Atmosphere
b) Lithosphere
c) Geosphere
d) Biosphere

These are the 4 main interacting systems found here on Earth. Matter is recycled continually through these systems on Earth.
a) Spheres
b) Greenhouse Gases
c) Greenhouse Effect
d) Air Pressure

The atmospheric layer closest to the Earth's surface. This is the layer where we live, clouds form and weather occurs.
a) Troposphere
b) Stratosphere
c) Exosphere
d) Mesosphere

The force exerted by the weight of the air above the surface. This force is created by the molecules in the air.
a) Air Pressure
b) Altitude
c) Spheres
d) Greenhouse Effect

This is the layer of the atmosphere directly above the troposphere. It is cold and dry in this layer. This is where you find the ozone layer, which protects us from UV rays from the sun.
a) Stratosphere
b) Mesosphere
c) Troposphere
d) Exosphere

This is the layer directly above the stratosphere. This is the coldest layer of the atmosphere. This layer gives us protection from meteoroids.
a) Mesosphere
b) Exosphere
c) Stratosphere
d) Troposphere

This is the uppermost layer of the atmosphere. This is where satellites orbit.
a) Exosphere
b) Stratosphere
c) Mesosphere
d) Troposphere

This is the layer directly above the mesosphere. Even though the air is very thin it is very hot here.
a) Thermosphere
b) Troposphere
c) Mesosphere
d) Stratosphere

Distance above sea level. As altitude increases air pressure decreases.
a) Altitude
b) Air Pressure
c) Spheres
d) Greenhouse Gases

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