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Rising campaing costs have resulted in
a) increased influence of special interest groups
b) fewer wealthy candidates willing to run for office
c) decreased importance of political action committees
d) increased contributions to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund

'America is becoming less democratic. It is getting more difficult for an average person to run for office. Only rich people can serve in the government.' Which of these statements best explains this opinion?
a) Number of elections
b) Influence of lobbyists
c) High campaign costs
d) Expensive registration fees

Which of the following is the primary reson that politican candidates have to sepnd more time fundraising?
a) Candidates need more money for travel to and from their offices
b) Campaigns are increasingly expensive to run
c) Campaing consultants are expensive
d) Most candidates enjoy fundraising

How many electoral votes must a candidate have in order to become the next President of the United States?
a) 100
b) 270
c) 300
d) 538

The President and Vice President are selected by the -
a) people
b) Electoral College
c) House of Representatives
d) Senate

How many electors does Virginia have?
a) 3
b) 10
c) 13
d) 23

Why do candidates target large states?
a) Campaings in small states are very expensive
b) Only a few states use the winner-take-all electoral system
c) Most states use the winner-take-all electoral system
d) It is expensive to campaign in large states

The number of electors each state has is -
a) determined by how many citizens voted in the last election
b) based on the state's Congressional representation
c) stated in the U.S. Constitution
d) decided by a pre-election lottery

The requirement for a majority vote to win the electoral college favors a -
a) one-party system
b) two-party system
c) three-party system
d) four-party system

Third parties differ from the other two main parties because third parties -
a) have more officials members
b) have more political experience
c) are odler than the main parties
d) are often concern with one issue

The parties differences are -
a) stated in the party platform and reflecting in campaigning
b) state in the United States Constitution
c) listed in the Preamble
d) expressed in the 18th Amendment

Which of the following is an example of a similarity between the major parties?
a) Approves the budget
b) Broadcast different points of view
c) Start a business
d) Influence public policy

A candidate for national office offent appeals to the most citizens by -
a) meeting with foreign leaders
b) belonging to a third party
c) holding moderate views
d) leading an activitst groups

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