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To vote in Virginia, you must -
a) join a political party
b) register
c) take a loyalty test
d) join a political action committee

All of the following are qualifications to register to vote in Virginia EXCEPT -
a) 18 years of age by the day of the general assembly
b) U.S. citizen
c) resident of Virginia
d) live in the state for 10 years

One place to obtain a voter registration application form is a -
a) bank
b) polling place
c) voter registration drive
d) school

I can register to vote -
a) in person at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
b) by absentee ballot
c) over the phone
d) in person the day of the election

Registration closes -
a) 7 days before the election
b) 22 days before the election
c) 29 days before the election
d) 30 days before the election

Apathy means -
a) being too busy
b) thinking your vote doesn't matter
c) failing to register on time
d) lack of interest

Which statement is true?
a) Younger citizens vote more than older citizens
b) Citizens with more education vote more than citizens with less education
c) Citizens with less income vote more than citizens with higher incomes
d) More citizens vote for the governor

A greater percentage of voters participate in -
a) local elections
b) state election
c) presidential elections
d) congressional elections

'Holmes and Taylor to Run for Governor!' This headline illustrates which role the media plays during an election?
a) Highlighting issues
b) Identifying candidates
c) Publishing editorials
d) Providing a forum for voters

By broadcasting different points of view, mass media -
a) makes many political issues more confusing
b) seems less neutral in their political coverage
c) shed little light on current political issues
d) helps the public learn about varying points of view

One way citizens can evaluation campaign information is -
a) separating fact from opinion
b) writing letters to the editor
c) canvassing for a political candidate
d) donating to a political campaign

'A recent publich-opinion poll incidates over 90% of the people favor Ed Jones for President. Where do you stand?' This is an example of -
a) testimonal
b) bandwagon
c) transfer
d) plain folks

'I remember those Depression days when my poor father couldn't find work. I remember going to bed with an empty stomach.' This an example of -
a) testimonal
b) bandwagon
c) tranfer
d) plain folks

Political parties offer a away for -
a) citizens to participate in the political process
b) candidates to avoid raising money for campaigns
c) candidates with very different views to work together
d) canidates to avoid laws regarding campaign finances

Political parties try to influence the government by -
a) lobbying members of Congress
b) donating money to the opposing party's elected officals
c) getting their members elected
d) proposing amendments to to the Constititon

'Republican Party Selects Romney as Their Candidate!' Which role is the Republica Party completing in this headline?
a) Monitoring actions of officholders
b) Educating voters
c) Helping candidates get elected
d) Nominating candidates

What kind of party system characterizes the American political system?
a) A two-party system
b) A three-party system
c) A four-party system
d) A six-party system

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