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21. Famine can lead to death and malnutrition. Which area of Africa is more likely to be affected by this deadly health issue?
a) sub saharan africa
b) north africa
c) eastern africa
d) western africa

Using this chart, which country is MOST likely to have the highest standard of living?
a) the country with the highest literacy rate
b) the country with the lowest literacy rate
c) the country with the highest literacy rate for males
d) the country with the highest literacy rate for females

What conclusion can be drawn about the health care in Sudan and Kenya?
a) Kenya is better
b) Sudan is better
c) They are both good
d) They are both bad

14. From 2003 to 2008, literacy rates in Sudan averaged 85% for male students and 71% for female students. In Kenya, the literacy rate for males was 80% and 81% for females.
a) the Kenyan government has done a better job of securing educational access for females
b) obvious discrimination against females in kenya
c) little difference between the two countries
d) kenya will have more college graduates who are males

13. Many countries and groups around the world are willing to contribute to help reduce famine in Africa. What problem in Africa makes it difficult to get these contributions to the citizens of African countries?
a) government instability
b) anti african feelings
c) citizens dont want the help
d) deforestation limits transportation routes

12. In 2008 the number of new cases of HIV infection in Africa slowly declined, though the total number of people living with HIV and AIDS increased slightly. Why might this situation exist?
a) access to prevention and treatment became more available
b) the end of the civil war
c) life expectancy has declined
d) a cure was developed in 2007

10. In Kenya, the literacy rate for males is 90.6% while the rate for girls is 79.7%. In Sudan, 71.8% of males are considered literate as opposed to 50.5% of the female population.
a) cultural norms place little emphasis on female education in both countries
b) females cannot afford tuition
c) females only attend until age 7, with males it is age 10
d) mandatory programs for boys in schools

9. The degree of wealth and material comfort available to a person or community.
a) standard of living
b) international currency exchange
c) life expectancy
d) voluntary exchange

22. Which strategy would help in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS?
a) education and prevention
b) fewer children
c) poverty
d) more children

23. How do political conflicts sometimes lead to famine?
a) crops dont grow during war
b) conflict disrupts farming
c) political leaders order farmers to stop
d) there is no relationship between political conflicts and famine

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