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1. From 1948 until the mid 1990s, this nation was fully segregated in terms of education, medical care, and access to all other public facilities
a) south africa
b) nigeria
c) sudan
d) kenya

2. Although this nation has made great progress in protecting the personal freedoms of its citizens since apartheid ended here in 1994, many people still live in poverty and the nation is faced with crime, corruption, and an HIV/AIDS epidemic.
a) south africa
b) nigeria
c) sudan
d) kenya

5. Because of political instability, corruption, and human rights violations, United Nations peacekeeping forces would MOST LIKELY be found in which country?
a) sudan
b) kenya
c) nigeria
d) south africa

6. The government of Kenya and South Africa could BOTH be described as (SS7CG2a)
a) republics
b) federal
c) oligarchies
d) unitary

8. When comparing the governments of Kenya and Sudan, which is correct concerning the role of the citizen?
a) both countries rely on courts to make law
b) both directly votes on laws
c) sudan citizens have greater influence
d) kenya citizens have greater influence

a) yes
b) maybe
c) well
d) perhaps

a) yes and no
b) yes
c) no
d) yes or no

when pigs fly
a) the impossible...
b) the possible...
c) the unknown...
d) angry........birds!

when birds fly
a) angry birds
b) angry quail
c) angry ducks
d) duck hunting

a) green
b) red
c) blue
d) purple

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