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3. The national government of Uganda has supreme political authority in the country, with the local governments having limited power. This type of system is known as a
a) unitary
b) republic
c) dictatorship
d) totalitarian

In the country of Lesotho a king is the head of state but a prime minister holds governmental power. This is an example of what form of government?
a) parliamentary
b) confederation
c) presidential
d) totalitarian

Most countries in Africa have a government with a strong central authority. Local governments- like cities, counties, states, or provinces- have only the powers given to them by the central government.
a) unitary
b) federal
c) confederation
d) autocratic

11. At one time the union of African States (1961-1963) was considered a confederation. Which choice listed describes the distribution of power in the Union of African States?
a) weak central government
b) strong central government
c) power is shared equally between central and regional
d) there are no regional authorities

15. From 1948 to 1994, South Africa existed under a system of apartheid. Voting was limited to white South African citizens.
a) oligarchy
b) autocratic
c) confedration
d) autocratic

18. Which type of government consists of a single, self-appointed ruler who holds political control over an entire country?
a) autocratic
b) oligarchic
c) democratic
d) unitary

19. How is it that a parliamentary democracy can function with only two separate branches of government?
a) because the chief executive officer comes from the legislature
b) because the president comes from the legislature
c) because the prime minister comes from the people
d) because the chief executive officer comes from the people

20. The primary difference between presidential and parliamentary governmental systems is that in a parliamentary system the chief executive is chosen by the
a) legislature
b) people
c) national congress
d) knesset

a) because
b) i dont know
c) where
d) ?

a) no
b) maybe
c) well...
d) you see...what had happened was...

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