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A drawing that represents a person, place, object or system and is proportional to the original item.
a) Dimensional Drawing
b) Scale Drawing
c) Metric Drawing
d) English Drawing

The most current, highest level of development in a product service or system now.
a) State of the Art
b) State of the Union
c) State of the Painting
d) State of the Product

The integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in teaching and learning.

A manufacturing procedure that allows a designer to develop and program a piece of equipment to complete parts using the computer to control the machine components.
a) cell control
b) computer control
c) machine control
d) designer control

Occurs when a component or system is not functional, is worn out or used up.
a) old
b) breakup
c) breakdown
d) used-up

__________ information comes from a variety of sources and is used maintain systems and understand how they work.
a) Substancial
b) New
c) Old
d) Technical

There are many forms of technical ___________, including manuals, websites and experienced people.
a) information
b) knowledge
c) science
d) technology

Technical information contains data on how a _________ operates and how to maintain it.
a) job
b) system
c) house
d) person

Clarity, explanations of technical terms, accuracy, not skipping steps, visual references such as pictures or drawings, additional resources such as rotatable online images, etc.
a) Instructions/directions
b) Prototypes
c) Models
d) Machines

Something that is detailed or complicated, something with many components or steps
a) micro
b) intricate
c) small
d) large

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