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A machine that is capable of doing the work of a person, controlled by programming or hardware to complete a specific task , often one that is repetitive, difficult or dangerous for a person.
a) Subsystem
b) Robotics
c) Model
d) Tractor

Referring to the continued customer service after a sale, such as visiting a home to repair a malfunctioning appliance.
a) Service
b) Maintance
c) Problem Solving
d) Repair

A smaller system that is part of larger system, such as a braking system being part of the larger system of a car.
a) Tiny system
b) fluid system
c) microsystem
d) subsystem

The process of finding problems or malfunctions within a system and correcting them to restore system functionality.
a) problemshooting
b) evaluation
c) troubleshooting
d) correction

A storage facility for goods and services, a central location for shipping.
a) Stable
b) Barn
c) House
d) Warehouse

A written guarantee or promise from the manufacturer to the consumer to repair or replace a product if it proves to be faulty.
a) Warranty
b) Contract
c) Patent
d) Logo

When a product or system is changed or innovated to meet a new purpose, it is adapted.
a) Down Cycle
b) Adaptation
c) Maintenance
d) Form

A product that is no longer in use, old-fashioned or out of date. It is important to note that the product can be functional, but it becomes unfashionable or unusable due to product needs.
a) Warrenty
b) Obsolete
c) Adaptation
d) Antique

A test of an idea, demonstrated by a completed prototype, showing how an object or system will function.
a) Proof of Experiment
b) Proof of purchase
c) Proof of Test
d) Proof of Concept

The original model of a product or system, used to plan production and troubleshoot problems.
a) System idea
b) Model
c) Prototype
d) Antique

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