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Technology can be both
a) positive and negative
b) visible and invisible
c) good and evil
d) natural and unnatural

____________ can often create demand for a product by bringing it onto the market and advertising it
a) People
b) Animals
c) Corporations
d) Churches

The management of waste produced by technological systems is an important _______issue.
a) business
b) retail
c) store
d) societal

Decisions to develop and use technologies often put environmental and economic concerns in direct ____________ with one another.
a) opposites
b) competition
c) fight
d) challange

Social and cultural priorities and values are reflected in technological ____________.
a) challenges
b) jobs
c) devices
d) cars

No matter who does science and mathematics or invents things, or when or where they do it, the knowledge and technology that result can eventually become available to __________ in the world
a) few
b) some
c) no one
d) everyone

Important contributions to the advancement of science, mathematics, and technology have been made by different kinds of ________, in different ________, at different _______
a) people, cultures, days
b) people, cultures, times
c) people, cultures, areas
d) stores, cultures,times

All technologies have effects other than those intended by the design, some of which may have been __________ and some not.
a) functional
b) nice
c) predictable
d) unpleasant

Design constraints include
a) physical, fresh, economic, political, social, ethical, and aesthetic ones
b) physical, biological, economic, political, social, ethical, and aesthetic ones
c) non-physical, biological, economic, political, social, ethical, and aesthetic ones
d) physical, animal, economic, political, social, ethical, and aesthetic ones

_____________ of technologies may turn out to be unacceptable to some of the population and therefore lead to conflict between groups.
a) Side effects
b) Ugly effects
c) Pretty effects
d) Food effects

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