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All of the following could cause a change in air pressure except ________________.
a) temperature
b) a cloudy day
c) moisture in the air
d) height above sea level

Air that moves _________ is called wind.
a) vertically
b) slowly
c) horizontally
d) quickly

A(n) ___________ is air that rises up, usually quickly.
a) convection cell
b) updraft
c) sea breeze
d) land breeze

A circular pattern of air rising, air sinking, and wind is called a ________________.
a) convention center
b) convection cell
c) convection wind
d) conventional oven

The _________ Effect causes wind in the Northern hemisphere to curve to the right.
a) Connecticut
b) Guschov
c) Coriolis
d) Cabrera

A breeze that blows from sea to land is called a(n) _______________________.
a) sea breeze
b) land slide
c) sea wind
d) land breeze

Polar easterlies, Prevailing westerlies, and trade winds are examples of __________.
a) Global warming
b) Global rains
c) Global winds
d) Global currents

A(n) ___________ is a line on a weather map used to connect places of equal air pressure.
a) isobar
b) isometric
c) isogram
d) isocream

A _________ is a device that measures wind speed.
a) anemometer
b) wind mill
c) wind vane
d) thermometer

A hurricane is a 12 pointer on the _________________ scale.
a) Beautiful
b) Beaujackson
c) Beauwind
d) Beaufort

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