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New products and systems that have been developed to solve___________.
a) solutions
b) ideas
c) problems
d) math

Important contributions to the advancement of science, mathematics, and technology have been made by different kinds of ______, in different _________, and at different________.
a) people, cultures, locations
b) people, cultures, places
c) maps , cultures, times
d) people, cultures, times

No matter who does science and mathematics or invents things, or when or where they do it, the knowledge and technology that result can eventually become available to _________ in the world.
a) someone
b) everyone
c) most
d) few

Engineers, architects, and others who engage in design and technology use scientific knowledge to solve _________________.
a) practical problems
b) practical solutions
c) practical medicine
d) unpractical problems

_________ fail because they have faulty or poorly matched parts, are used in ways that exceed what was intended by the design, or were poorly designed to begin with.
a) Materials
b) Humans
c) Robots
d) Systems

The choice of materials for a job depends on their _________.
a) knowledge
b) materials
c) facts
d) properties

The development of technology is a human activity and is the result of _______________and the ability to be creative.
a) majority or collective needs
b) individual or non-collective needs
c) individual or collective ideas
d) individual or collective needs

Some technological problems are best solved through ______________.
a) thinking
b) experimentation
c) applications
d) applying

Which of the following is NOT a core concept of technology?
a) systems
b) resources
c) benchmarks
d) controls

a) are related to the sale of equipment
b) sacrificing or modifying one design element in order to achieve another one.
c) Are never necessary if the design is well done.
d) Only occur in a perfect design.

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