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Which is most accurate when describing U.S. saving habits
a) As a whole country, we are very poor at it, but are making improvements
b) We rock, everyone does it
c) Only old people do it
d) no one saves

Owning a vehicle will give you lower monthly payments than leasing one.
a) false
b) true

Leasing a vehicle means
a) You rent the vehicle
b) You own the vehicle
c) You can drive it forever
d) You build equity on the vehicle

Purchasing a home is usually the biggest single purchase a person will ever make.
a) true
b) false

A loan for a home is called a
a) mortgage
b) 401K
c) IRA
d) Loan

Balancing your checkbook is important because...
a) you know how much money you have left
b) takes up time
c) promotes overspending
d) is not advised

When writing the amount of a check; you should always start from the far left because...
a) a) it looks neat
b) b) prevents others from adding numbers to your check
c) c) so you don't run out of room
d) B and C only

Whenever you use your credit card; you will have to pay _____ along with the cash you borrowed.
a) interest
b) credit
c) income
d) taxes

A benefit of paying with cash is
a) its your money
b) you don't have to get a loan for it
c) you can only spend what you have
d) all of the above

Income that you have left over after taxes, bills, and other necessary expenses is called _____ income
a) disposable
b) savings
c) interest
d) taxalbe

It is impossible to lower your taxes.
a) false
b) true

Taxes are _______.
a) the government's way of raising funds
b) need to be paid
c) usually go up as your income goes up
d) all of the above

Which of the following is earned income?
a) wages
b) ownership
c) investment
d) rental properties

Once you are married, your family income will usually:
a) go up
b) go down
c) stay the same

What does open-end credit mean?
a) Once you pay part of your expense you can borrow more
b) You have no limits on borrowing
c) Anyone can borrow
d) This term doesn't exist

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